This was written in a long, thin column - it doesn't work on a web page!

In the streets
Paper and dust
Litter and raindrops
Cigarette ends
Tracks of desolate people
Life-weary workers
Faces shades of grey.
Dogs hacking and scrabbling
Lonely-hearted pensioners
Lovesick lovers
A crowd with one voice
A mass with one soul
A world without peace.
Wind-borne dust
Rain-tattered paper
Oil-rainbowed gutters
Ripple-faced puddles.
Anonymous people
Drably dressed
In dreary rainwear
Small-talking women
Beer-drinking men

In the streets
Bordered with
Windowless houses
Brick-covered doorways
Grime-crusted palaces
Rain-blackened castles
Rows and rows of
Rattlesnake terraces
With shiny slate hats.
Twisted mill chimneys
Victorian arches
Buckled-walled courtyards
Stone-painted pubs.
Time-chipped flagstones
With moss-filled nicks
Which the children
Plough with matchsticks
When the summer tar bubbles
Where the house sparrows Bathe in the dust in the corner
And ashes are thrown
To stop icy feet slipping
Paint-peeling drainpipes
Green-painted lamposts
Eye-catching posters
With meanimgless words

And the unplanned, unwanted
20th century is scattered
Here, there and anyhow-
Electricity sub stations
Neon lights
No Parking signs
Bingo Halls
Sloganed walls
And traffic
Cars, lorries, buses, bikes
Spilling along roads.
Shops- all windows and high prices

In the shaded streets
The sun is a coloured citizen
Stuffed behind buildings
Jeered and prodded
By television aerials