stephen warnes railways

I was 8 years old when I packed a sandwich and a bag of Smith’s crisps and walked down the road, bought a child day return ticket, climbed the steep stone steps to the platform at Church and Oswaldtwistle station and caught the stopping train to Preston. The older friend who was supposed to take me didn’t show up but I was too excited to miss the opportunity, so I went by myself.

Preston was a bustling railway route centre with 13 busy platforms, where lines converged with an interchange for the West Coast Main Line - a train spotter’s paradise. So began my railway adventures and from then until the age of 15, I experienced the sights, sounds and smells of the end of the great age of steam, with the magic and intensity only childhood can bring.

I was elected a full member of the Guild of Railway Artists (G.R.A.) in 1994 and regualrly exhibit with them. 'Trevithick 200' and 'Sir Nigel's Vision' were part of a major exhibition at the National Railway Museum in York which marked the 200th anniversary of the first successful steam locomotive.

My railway works tend to fall into two main categories - historical (and often surrealist) compositions and the railways as part of the landscape.