River Gelt

As rivers flow , the Gelt is short. Yet in its dozen miles between rising on the high moors of the North Pennines, above what once was the King's Forest of Geltsdale, to its confluence with the River Irthing, it passes through spectacular scenery - none more so than the deeply incised meanders of Gelt Woods. The woods belong to Brampton Parish and are an RSPB bird reserve with rare Hen Harriers on the moors and Dippers along the river.

Quarrying of the exposed red sandstone rock faces from the Roman times to the 19th century is in varying stages of re-naturalisation.

The combination of intense natural lighting and atmsospheric effects, a fascinating palette featuring all the shades of green plus redbrown and greygreen together with fantastic structure and form provide an inexhaustible supply of subject matter.

Most of all there is the deep beauty of an upland woodland river - a Romantic's Paradise and a place where at special times the magic of spirituality can break through.