Still Waters room1

Social and historical themes - how people lived- have always fascinated me. Over the years I have developed a series of surrealist multi-faceted paintings which explore these areas.

Many are based on my own memories or the living memories of the different generations around me - what it was like to be here at this point in history.

Some feature the cotton industry of Accrington - once 'King Cotton'. Some of my family worked in the intense noise and 100% humidity of the weaving sheds. I was brought up amongst the culture and the way of life of the weavers, battery-fillers and tacklers.

Other works are more wide-ranging and more recent ones look at the way of life of the region in which I live now - most notably the painting for the Millennium of my current home town.

I hope I have shown sympathy and understanding for the frequently gruelling lives our forbears had to lead, and given cause to reflect upon past times.