I have always tried to be a free spirit in my artworks - at any stage I usually have the next few projects planned, and these could be paintings of landscapes, imaginative works or historical themes. I also explore a wide range of styles- Realism, Expressionism, Surrealism, Abstraction- all of which adds up to a very diverse output. At my retrospective exhibition, quite a few people thought there was the work of several artists on show!

Still Waters Art Gallery is laid out to reflect a visit to a real gallery. After the introduction there are over 70 works exhibited in 5 themed rooms which you access through the Gallery Guide.

As you enter each room there is a list of contents from which you can select. Alternatively there is a guided tour which you follow by pressing 'Next' after each painting. At any time pressing 'Gallery Guide' will lead you back to the guide and the exit.

The gallery is currently being refurbished - at times you will come across rooms with older-style décor. This work will be finished as soon as time allows.

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