Epitaph for the 60's painting

Epitaph for the Sixties
Watercolour and gouache

In 1972, as the 60's ended, I graduated from university, got married and we moved to Newcastle-upon-Tyne - the start of a hard-working life. In my first post with the Civil Service, I saw extremes of wealth and poverty that I found disturbing and which were expressed in what I consider to be the best of my early poetry -'Consumeria' (room 5) - very much 'angry young man' in style!

Over the following decades, our life has been like that of most people - times of great happiness and some of terrible sadness. At best I hope my work reflects aspects of the Human Condition.

consumeria graphic albion arise painting
Graphic for 'Consumeria'
Albion Arise
Pen and gouache