In 1969, when the Sixties were reaching their peak, I left to take an Honours degree in the Theory and History of Art at Essex University. At that time, along with the L.S.E., Essex was one of the freest and most radical places in the country.
essex university

Whilst I was there, I met some of the founder members of the Women's Movement, the Gay Liberation Front and the Environmental Movement. At a time dominated by extreme left-wing politics, I preferred the company of the non-violent Anarchists - I just liked their sense of fun and good-humoured subversion - very Dadaist.

A major part of my studies were the works of the European Romantic Movement and it became my theory that the art, life and times of the 60's was a 20th century extension of the Romantic Spirit- visions of a new Albion.

The first major band I saw was the Jimi Hendrix Experience (I was never the same again...) and one of our rallying cries was his 'Freedom - keep on pushing straight ahead!'