Whether you are looking for Fine Art paintings or Fine Art prints to purchase, or even if you just like looking at paintings, we hope there will be something in this web gallery that you like. Over the years, Stephen Warnes has gained a reputation for producing accessible modern painting. The 'Living North' Fine Art Directory says this about his work:

"The sheer scope of this artist's ouput is quite remarkable! Intricate and fascinating social histories; Surrealist and Expressionist imaginative works; some of Britain's finest railway art; dazzling, light-filled landscapes - even poetry and songwriting!!

As well as a high level of technical skill, Stephen has an Honours degree in the Theory and History of Art and in recent years has held public exhibitions that have proved genuinely popular with a very wide cross-section of people.

Stephen's work contains some of the most original paintings produced in the North of England in the last 50 years."